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Courses for Therapists and Counsellors

Continuing Professional Development Courses

Playing Matters offers a number of one-day, two-day and six-day courses for therapists and counsellors as part of their CPD requirements.

We also offer a three-weekend course called "Children Matter" for people already trained in counselling, therapy, social work and teaching who want to learn the theory and practice of working with children and young people.

We can devise programmes to suit the needs of different organisations.

If you are the person responsible for commissioning training, use the Contact Us form to enquire about the training which we can provide for you.

The following are the titles of courses we have available:

Communicating with Children: Entering the Child’s World

  • Meeting Anger Positively: (a one-day workshop for people working in the areas of education, health and social services or therapy and counselling)
  • Playing as communication
  • Counselling skills and working with children
  • Finding Shared Meanings: Communicating with Children.
  • Working with image and metaphor
  • Making Appropriate Relationships
  • Making endings with Children and Young People
  • Diversity, Difference: how our attitudes affect our work.
  • Helping Children tell their stories
  • Child Development and the Development of Play
  • Safeguarding Children in the School Context.
  • Boundary Issues: keeping the work safe.
  • Emotional and Social Well-being and competences/ Children’s Mental Health.
  • The power of Sand play.
  • Dramatic Play and Working in Role.
  • Creative Supervision for Counsellors and Therapists.
  • Creative Group Work with children and young people.

We also run CPD Workshops specifically for Creative Arts and Play Therapists:

  • You Play Me and I’ll Play You: Getting into Rôle
  • Messy Play and Scary Monsters: Working with Stories and Myths
  • Play Therapy: Theory and Practice
  • Dramatherapy in School.

 Playing Matters offer counselling training and training in play therapy

 Quote: It is important to consult children and listen to their opinions from the outset

 Playing Matters offer counselling training and training in play therapy

 Quote: Children need a secure base and they need to be loved

 Playing Matters offer counselling training and training in play therapy